Head of _nology Australia, Roisin O’Neil featured in Dynamic Business

Our head of _nology Australia, Roisin O'Neill, was recently featured in Dynamic Workplaces 'Let’s Talk: How to be the hottest workplace in town'

Written by Nology Team - 08.06.22

“In an increasingly competitive landscape, organisations must look to their EVP when attracting new talent and commit to building inclusive work cultures where all employees feel adequately supported and represented.

“The importance of diversity is not only key to improving organisational outcomes – companies embracing these values outperform their more homogenous counterparts across several metrics, including innovation, profit, and customer satisfaction. They also see improvement in employee attraction, retention, and experience through appropriate representation.

“Women, for example, make up half the population – so with that (completely obvious) statistic in mind, it should stand that they make up half the tech sector instead of the quarter they currently do. Labour shortages mean it’s difficult to hire for culture rather than just capability – so building capability in emerging talent is a key way to counteract that.

“Look to diversify your workforce, invest in the talent of the future- become the hottest workplace in town!”

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