About Us

_nology is a tech training and talent provider. We create and deliver quality, diverse Software and Cloud Engineers for businesses globally.


_nology breaks down perceived barriers so the highest potential individuals can enter the tech sector, regardless of their background. Our marketing, assessment, training, and support strategies enable them to find a career in which they can thrive, meaning we can deliver best-in-class Software and Cloud Engineers to our client partners.

Our _nologists

Women + Non Binary
Career Changers
Aged over 25

We work to understand the culture, the challenges, and the future of our partners. We establish solutions that get real results, whether that’s scaling your team at pace with an injection of our _nologists or retraining your existing employees with the skills you need most. Through our partnership with global tech recruitment specialists, Opus Talent Solutions, we can offer comprehensive, creative solutions fully tailored to the evolving needs of the clients we partner with.

_nology was created to solve the following challenges for our clients

  • The growing technical skills gap in the Australia and globally has affected companies’ ability to hire
  • The huge diversity gap in the tech industry, which leads to a lack of diversity in tech teams and has a knock-on effect on creativity and ability to solve out-of-the-box challenges
  • Hard-to-find skill sets in juniors such as, Cloud, DevOps, Modern Tooling, and more

Our model helps to solve all of the above by

  • Attract – We attract top talent through a competency-based, blind CV assessment process. This results in increased diversity of backgrounds.
  • Train – Our in-house coaches deliver full-time training for up to 3 months. This is hands-on, relevant, and modern training in Java, C#, Python, DevOps, Cloud, Testing, BA, Data Analysis and more…
  • Support – We support our _nologists for an 18-month period to help them grow technically and professionally. They then join the client as a successful, mid-level Developer. Clients then have the option to turn _nologists into permanent employees, allowing for greater strength in hard-to-find skill sets, as well as increased diversity
  • Bespoke Offerings – We can upskill your existing workforce with your required coding languages and tools, or we can train a new, bespoke team in the exact skill set you need. Please get in touch with us to discuss your bespoke requirements




If you're looking to hire tech talent or an individual looking to become a _nologist - we want to hear from you.