About Us

Hi there! We’re _nology, a training and talent hub taking the ‘tech’ out of technology.


Our bright idea

We want to make tech better for businesses and individuals – together. We designed a tech training course which takes exceptional people from a wide range of backgrounds, with no tech experience, and teaches them how to code in just 12 weeks. The end result? Job-ready Junior Developers.

The Feedback

Companies were amazed by the results. So much so, they asked ‘can you retrain our existing tech teams, and bring in a few new candidates who fit our company culture too?’. Since then, we’ve had a lot of fun solving problems for business clients too. We’re making tech training simple and effective to create brilliant talent in TECHnicolour.

The _nology code base

At _nology, our true colours are represented by five values which form the base code to everything we do.


We’re committed to making technology a better place to be. You can trust us to remain dedicated to the quality of training and support we provide at every stage of the process.


We have the courage to bring bold ideas and new ways of thinking to the table. Big problems need ambitious solutions, and we encourage our students to embrace failure as a key to their success.


We remain curious and foster a culture of embracing new ideas to remain engaged, motivated and proactive. Technology is fast-moving, and we are prepared to have our preconceptions challenged and evolve to meet the demands of both individuals and business.


We believe technology is inherently creative. Learning to code is simply just familiarising yourself with the building blocks of software development – it’s what you do with them which makes a difference.

Continuous Improvement

Being open to new ideas and to have your preconceptions challenged is what technology is all about. The best developers are invested and inspired by the fact they are always learning.

Working With

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Making technology better, together

We’re putting people first. Technology touches every sector out there, from humanitarian aid efforts to banking. Ironically, this doesn’t mean just more machines! We need committed and courageous people to build software which meets business goals. This means empowering people to apply their unique skillset to technology roles and putting a supportive and engaged community in the centre of it all to make technology inclusive: a place where everyone can thrive.

Become a developer in 12 weeks

Whether you are looking to join our next intake or a business looking to work with us - we want to hear from you. Fill out the form below and one of our team will be in touch.