Looking for tech talent and want to do things differently? _nology attracts, trains and supports people from diverse, non-traditional backgrounds, and turns them into brilliant tech employees- who you’ll love working with too! Inject your tech team with a new generation of talent, either on-demand, or through bespoke retraining offerings.

Training your workforce of tomorrow, today.

_nology is a global tech training and talent hub, bridging the digital skills gap and improving diversity in technology teams.

At _nology, we work to understand the challenges, the culture, and the future of our clients. We’re establishing solutions that get real results, whether that’s scaling up at pace with an injection of job-ready tech employees, reskilling your existing team members, or building out fully-trained new teams on your bespoke tech stack.

We can turn your non-tech employees into your digital workforce of the future, or deploy on-demand, diverse talent onto your existing projects. Through rigorous assessments and our practical training, we’re able to provide a constant stream of new, highly-skilled, diverse talent to fill the skills gap.

We created _nology to solve the following challenges for our clients

•  The growing global tech skills gap has affected companies’ ability to hire at reasonable cost and pace
•  The huge diversity gap in the tech industry, which won’t be fixed through universities or skilled migration
•  Lack of practical skill sets in juniors such as, Cloud, DevOps, Modern Tooling, and more

Global Presence

We're part of something bigger

We’re part of Opus Talent Solutions – a global tech talent provider with 8 offices spanning the globe.

We currently have _nology offices located in Australia, the UK  and the USA. 

On-Demand Tech Talent

Inject your tech team with contract hires from _nology. Hire 1, 20, or more, people from our open programs…

Attract – We attract top talent through a competency-based, blind CV assessment process. Enabling us to tap into diverse talent pools as we select candidates based on their mindset and capability rather than past experience.

Train – Our in-house coaches deliver full-time training for 3 months, followed by ongoing upskilling and support. This is hands-on, relevant, and modern training in the likes of Java, C#, Python, React, Cloud, Testing,  Data Analysis and more… 

Support – _nologists are supported by our consultant support team for an 18-month period to help them grow technically and professionally, relieving reliance on line managers. They join our partners as successful technologists with the foundations for a long term career in tech.

Learn about how our consultancy approach helped global insurance company, QBE, here.

Our _nologists



63% ethnically
diverse individuals





Bespoke Offering

_nology can upskill your existing workforce with your required coding languages and tools, or recruit and train a new, bespoke team in the exact skill set you need. By upskilling your current workforce, not only will you make significant savings, but you’ll also enjoy a positive effect on staff morale, external PR, and ongoing staff retention. Win-win. Either send your staff on one of existing 12-week programmes, or let us build you a bespoke, branded retraining course for your employees.

Check out the bespoke training programme we created for Accenture here.


Stemming from our excellence in global tech hiring solutions, we focus on quality, accessibility, and practical training to promise a bright future for your tech teams.

Practical training – _nology delivers training built on a positive and highly interactive learning environment anchored in best practice. We’re in business to create tech talent capable of hitting the ground running and adding value to your organisation from day one.

Cost-effective – Expect savings on typical contractor day rates, as well as internal recruitment and marketing costs.

Diversity-focused – You’ll enjoy access to a strong talent pool that represents greater diversity.

Reduced risk – There’s no long-term commitment if your resource plans change, so you’re in control.

Fast and flexible – Scale the number of consultants working for you up and down to meet your project needs. We always have consultants available and can deploy them almost immediately so that your projects aren’t held up.

Retention – If required, we can guarantee the same consultants from project to project, with the ability to convert these consultants to permanent hires.

Umbrella protection – Nologists are full-time _nology employees, so we take care of everything, from insurance to payroll, to holiday and sick leave.

Ongoing support – Our specialist support team provides 18 months of unlimited support, ongoing learning, Pluralsight subscriptions, certifications; all reducing the reliance on line managers and saving time and money.

Global presence – _nology has a global presence, with offices in the Australia, the UK and the US.

But don’t just take our word for it, click here to learn about the latest solutions we’ve delivered for Accenture, QBE, Deutsche Bank and more…


Here are some of the most popular questions we get asked. Got more questions? Head over to our FAQs page.

Working with

Deutsche Bank


Kat Kolomycew

Junior Web Developer

“There have been only a few times where I could say that I felt like I was exactly where I was supposed to be in a given moment of my life, and this is one of them. The challenge is on, the people are awesome, and the atmosphere is fun.”

Aleo Yakas

Junior Software Developer

“_nology has already helped me develop my tech skills in the four weeks I've been here. The course does an amazing job in consistently introducing new topics in simple and manageable chunks while still remaining enjoyably challenging.”

Sam Buckley

Junior Software Engineer

“After I left school I found myself heading in a direction I wasn't happy with. When I heard about _nology I thought it would be a great opportunity to change that.”

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