How inclusive marketing can help brands achieve awesome results

Natalie Waddell,  APAC Marketing Manager, _nology

Features in Dynamic Business’ Let’s Talk

“Inclusive messaging in marketing is not about keeping up with woke trends. It’s about ensuring a brand’s influence truly resonates with real groups of people.

“Marketing’s core power is being able to reach people who don’t know what they want yet, or what they think they’re suitable for. It has the power to shift long-held perceptions. Tick box marketing tactics that appear to be inclusive can easily fall into either the painfully boring, the awkwardly rigid, and even the quick-gimmick-to-hurry-up-and-look-progressive buckets. Instead, a better approach is a strategic marketing shift where inclusivity becomes part of building long-term brand equity.

“When marketing to potential candidates for our tech training hub, we know that in the tech space, 60 per cent of women & underrepresented groups talk themselves out of applying to a job ad at first glance. It’s a classic example of how inclusive marketing can work to shift such a critical problem, particularly in a sector where the stereotypes for ‘suitable’ candidates shut out way too many with great potential. Using language that is more inclusive is a simple switch, and one that _nology uses to actively encourage a wider tech talent pool.

“The world is full of creative minds, ready-buyers, brilliant thinkers, regardless of their background. Unless brands target them too, it’s a sorely missed opportunity.”


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