AFR Feature: Free training scheme rewrites the rule book on education

‘The idea of high-quality education at no cost to individuals or governments may sound too good to be true, but it’s not. And the best thing is the Forte model is immensely scalable.’ Nat Ware, Forte Founder & CEO (pictured below).

Our partnership with Forte involves an SA government backed training program that _nology are facilitating. Our story is featured in the The Australian Financial Review. Julie Hare (AFT Education Editor) writes:

“A free education for hundreds of unemployed in a skill shortage area with paid internships and no upfront cost to government. Sounds too good to be true? Not for the 150 South Australians who are involved in a pilot program that is rewriting the policy book on adult education leading to gainful employment.

The approach enables the cost of education to be covered by the increase in future tax revenue that training generates. That is, governments pay a success fee, which is calculated as a percentage of additional income tax paid when the individual engages in the workforce with their new-found skills…

…It is an elegant, creative and timely solution to some of society’s big challenges: inequality, skills gaps, the moral issue of unemployment and releasing underutilised talent into the workforce.”


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