Case Study

Empowering Critical Data Teams


Sportsbet is a global leader in entertainment where data is the bedrock of their business. Historically, their tight-knit and highly skilled data engineering teams in Australia have been comprised of mid to senior-level professionals and contractors.


The commencement of a business-wide “data modernisation project” accelerated team growth which started to stretch their resources. The Data Platforms team needed more support to free up the top talent so their focus could remain on the high-value and complex components of this critical project.


As well as needing quick hires to help them scale, Sportsbet were committed to finding new ways to balance seniority levels, knowing that a top-heavy team wasn’t sustainable long-term. They recognised that team members were lacking tangible opportunities to develop their leadership skills. In response, _nology provided a swift and seamless hiring solution to help them accomplish these goals.


We were able to place job-ready _nologist, Avvi, who had expressed a strong passion for data and analytics. In the interviews, his enthusiasm, polished communication skills and eagerness to learn and grow stood out to Sportsbet. They could see he was equipped with the right tech foundations and the right attitude to take on a fast pace working environment that would help support and alleviate the load from the wider project team. He was interviewed and placed onsite as an Associate Data Engineer within a week.


The benefits of bringing on an entry-level hire were clear. Not only did it allow senior engineers to focus on more complex tasks, but it also enabled them to build up their leadership capabilities. By nurturing organic team growth and development, the Data Platforms team ensured that their top-heavy approach wouldn’t hinder them in the long run. Additionally, it opened up more opportunities for internal promotions into mid-level positions, providing a clear path for team members to progress in their careers.

Since being onsite, Avvi has been a valuable asset for Sportsbet, working diligently across squad teams and providing crucial support to the company’s most significant data project. His proficiency in managing stakeholders, coupled with his understanding of the tech stack and professional work ethic, has helped him make great progress in his role. He is focused on developing his expertise in multiple programming languages, including his current work with Python, Databricks, EMR, Spark, SQL, and AWS.

Andy White

Head of Data Platforms, Sportsbet

The process for hiring a _nologist was straightforward with a fast turnaround. We were excited to bring Avvi into the team. Our existing relationships with Opus and fair rates, made it easy to get everything approved.

 Avvi has been a great addition to the team in terms of culture and energy, fitting in really well. His outcomes have ramped up the longer he’s been onsite with the team (14 months now) and has moved far beyond just shadowing the data engineers. It’s been impressive to see his progress with handling large dataset integrations and is now even owning key parts of the project himself. We recognise the importance of early-career programs and were impressed by the candidates _nology presented in this space.”


Avvi Singh Khaira

Associate Data Engineer, Sportsbet

I wanted to pursue a career in data for a while – I had some great chats with the coaches during the training, and they were able to secure me a role in a data team, which I’m loving! Learning to code has hugely enhanced my career prospects – all the _nologists I trained with were equally ambitious, which created a really strong and fun learning environment.” 


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