Macquarie is a global financial group with over 19,000 employees in 34 markets and is the largest investment bank in Australia. Their history of investing in emerging talent and creating positive learning environments for juniors is market leading.


Even so, they recognised that supplementing their already successful graduate programs could bring even greater long-term benefits to their teams. With _nology, they have been able to build a heightened focus on diversity, professional maturity and transferable skill sets to elevate proficiencies in their engineering teams.


Macquarie wanted to attract more emerging professionals with differing experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives into their high-performing teams.

With their tech departments’ innovative ways of working and modern tech stacks, they were looking to source entry-level individuals who were trained in relevant areas so they could adapt quickly when onboarded.

Additionally, they needed flexibility with hiring timeframes. Their existing grad program intakes are not easily aligned with the fluctuating demands on team resources. Being able to hire on an ad hoc basis was an avenue they were eager to explore.



With readily available _nologists in our talent pool, we were able to put forward suitable CVs to Macquarie immediately.

The _nology curriculum provides trainees with the skills to be deployed in software, cloud, QA, or SRE roles. The focus is on honing soft skills that make people effective problem solvers and collaborators.  Macquarie were able to select from a high calibre group of individuals, who each met their expectations on quality and culture fit.

Their chosen _nologists were career-changers with strong transferable skills from industries such as customer service, project management and retail. They each have the commercial acumen, passion, and drive to start adding value much faster than traditional graduates.

On 2 instances, within just one week, we’d arranged CV reviews, interviews, and the hiring of 2 x _nologists.



hires within one week


on ad hoc basis


with emerging talent


with professional experience


Through _nology, Macquarie has been able to amplify their impact on supporting and investing in emerging talent. Our talent solution future-proofs the changing resource demands of their teams with a greater focus on core competencies, over academics alone.

You can see the various career backgrounds of our _nologists on site below, who bring a diversity of perspectives and highly transferable skills into Macquarie’s teams.

Sebastian – Former Project Manager in Mechanical Engineering > now Site Reliability Engineer

Amelia – Formerly in Retail & Customer Service with B. Applied Medical Science & Microbiology > now UI Developer

Nathan – Former Personal Trainer & Gym Operations Manager > now Site Reliability Engineer

Mitchell – Former Customer Service Rep in Banking > now Site Reliability Engineer


SEBASTIAN PENEDO, Site Reliability Engineer

Seb’s previous career as a Project Manager in the Mechanical Engineering space shaped his abilities in effective communication, prioritisation, and organisation, proving invaluable at Macquarie. Placed into the SRE team, his exceptional growth and diligence led him to become an autonomous and valuable Site Reliability Engineer in the GCP Cloud Excellence team within only a few months into his placement.

He excels in communicating with both technical and non-technical stakeholders, serving as the go-to person for platform-related issues and deployment. During his time on-site, Seb has acquired knowledge in micro gateways, Kubernetes, containers, and custom internal tooling. He’s also known to actively explore automation and improvement possibilities, utilising scripting languages like Bash and Python. His passion for team engagement and his proactive approach to ensuring tasks are successfully completed in a stable and secure platform environment, continually impress his managers.

His commitment to excellence and exceptional work ethic have stood out to Macquarie above and beyond their expectations.