Case Study

Build talent, don’t buy talent

Lendi is an Australia-based FinTech committed to simplifying home loan options. _nology is always keen to partner with companies passionate about having a meaningful impact on diversity and growing skills within the tech sector – and Lendi’s mission is aligned. Their immediate need to fill niche specialty skills was an increasing challenge due to the widening skills gap in the market, and they wanted to find a reliable way to recruit for diversity goals too.


Lendi was finding it extremely costly to find specialised engineers and developers for their Salesforce team in a candidate-short market. They wanted a recruitment avenue that wasn’t as expensive or risky, and they wanted to grow team diversity.

Due to the nature of Lendi’s business, their tech teams need to be both commercially minded and technically specialised, but their experience hiring juniors was sometimes met with a lack of commercial maturity, drive, and confidence. Retention amongst graduates in the industry is typically a challenge, and hires with professional maturity were known to better integrate with their teams and the fast-paced working environment.


Our solution advocated our core principle – build talent, don’t buy talent.  

We ran a cobranded campaign with Lendi after they committed to selecting two _nologists from our Open Consultancy program. We’ve found that by using cobranded marketing collateral, we’re able to reach an even wider pool of candidates who are excited about where they’d be deployed immediately after our training. Cobranding is beneficial to all parties because it offers job security and enthusiasm to candidates, while positioning organisations as committed supporters of emerging talent and diversity. It helped us source candidates for our course that were suitable for Lendi and excited about where their futures in tech would begin.

The additional benefit for Lendi was that once in training, we provided their two _nologists with extra coursework applicable to their teams’ needs. They were not only learning our full-stack curriculum, but also upskilling on Lendi’s particular stack before they even set foot in the door


A major benefit for Lendi was having control in this hiring process, finding candidates with relevant training, and being able to select them based on individual competencies, rather than experience. By encouraging Lendi to invest in their talent pipeline, we were able to help them build capabilities internally and create structure around the internal development of niche skills. We were also able to address their diversity goals.

Not only does our curriculum provide the skills to be a full-stack Junior Engineer, but also has a strong emphasis on honing the soft skills to be a great team member and stakeholder communicator. For Lendi, _nologists had the business acumen and drive to integrate with their teams and add value much faster than traditional graduate hires. Lendi has regained their retention value and through _nology, found a recruitment avenue that better futureproofed the skills of their growing tech teams.

Mekaela Stevenson

Salesforce Developer, Lendi

“I feel that the support is there if I need it from _nology. I am lucky that the company I work for through _nology is very supportive, and so my first point of call has been with them.”


Whether you’re looking to hire 1 Developer or a whole project team of Engineers, or are interested in a completely bespoke solution to support your 2024 tech talent plans, the _nology team are here to help.