Learn more about what our _nologists were doing before joining _nology, their experiences of the course and what they are doing in their exciting new tech careers now.


Senior Software Developer at Accenture


Software Developer at Channel Nine



Pega Consutlant at Accenture



Software Engineer at Accenture



Software Engineer at Accenture



Data Scientist at Vicinity Centres


What did you enjoy most about the _nology training? The push to learn and the diversity of professionals moving into tech. We had someone who was a marketing professional with 20 years experience, an audio technical engineer, and many other students with interesting professional backgrounds, all with the same desire of retraining to be developers.

How supported have you felt throughout your time as a nologist – any examples? I feel that the support is there if I need it from _nology. I am lucky that the company I work for through _nology is very supportive, and so my first point of call has been with them. I do meet with Dani from _nology around once a month though which is wonderful, even for the simple enjoyment of chatting with someone friendly, as most of my team is quiet and it is easy to forget being in a virtual room full of developers is not the norm in life.

What does it mean to you that this program helped you kickstart your career in tech? It meant I could start my career as a developer more than a year and a half earlier compared to a masters. When I was looking at becoming a developer, several options were ‘on the table’, and I decided that rather than do a Masters to transition, doing the _nology program would be a lot lower risk, quicker, and more financially beneficial.




What did you enjoy most about the _nology training? When I started learning code, it seemed like a whole other world. Thinking in JavaScript terms was really mind boggling at first. The thing I enjoyed the most about _nology training was the lightbulb moments. When you’re sitting there for hours reading documentation and online forums, trying to figure out something that seemed difficult if not impossible to understand. Then you come across a single sentence or a comment from 7 years ago and there it is! The lightbulb moment where all of a sudden everything makes sense. It shifts your whole perspective on your current code and the code you’ve written in the past.

How supported have you felt throughout your time as a nologist – any examples? Support both during and after training has been great. Communication channels are always open for technical and nontechnical help. The coaches are really dedicated and on many occasions were staying online past the regular work day to help out. I’ve taken advantage of the ongoing education/upskilling opportunities. I’ve recently been learning more backend concepts and languages which can help me to further myself within my role.

What does it mean to you that this program helped you kickstart your career in tech? For some time I felt like a career change was the right move. I was doing a lot of reading and research and felt somewhat trapped because it was looking like I would have needed to go back to uni to secure myself a new career path. I was determined not to do this as I didn’t want to put life on hold again for a few years while I did another degree. To be able to fast track this process to 12 weeks was a huge relief. The role I was placed in post training has a lot of freedom to learn and work on different things. I feel like I’ve learned more than what I would have from a degree. Tech is such an exciting fast paced environment, getting your foot in the door opens a whole world of opportunity for you to make of it what you want to.