Terms & Conditions - Tech Girls Foundation Scholarship

We are offering one fully funded place (with discretion to award further funded places) on board _nology’s 12 week software development course.


As with all things there are a few conditions to the Scholarship.

In order to qualify you must be:

  • an Australian citizen or permanent resident;
  • available to take part in the Application Process (below);
  • available to start the 12 week full time course on 1st February 2021;
  • committed to completing the 12 week full time Program (ending on 23rd April 2021);
  • demonstrate an interest in pursuing a rewarding career in tech

Please do not apply if you are unable to offer the time commitment required to complete the Program. We only have one funded place available.


  • Complete your application by 18th December 2021. Late applications will not be considered except at our discretion;
  • Applications will be assessed by our partners at the Tech Girls Foundation (TGF) and shortlisted;
  • TGF will schedule phone interviews for shortlisted candidates;
  • Phone interview with TGF to discuss details of the program and create a shortlist for the next stage;
  • Shortlisted candidates will each participate in a coaching session with one of _nology’s coaches in December. We want you to get a feel for the course and make sure it is something you feel you can commit to. After this, a small number of candidates will be selected to go through to the final stage.
  • The remaining candidates will speak with the team at Tech Girls Foundation for a final interview, where they will want to understand your commitment and motivations.
  • Once Tech Girls Foundation have spoken with each of the remaining candidates, one will be selected. We are aiming to complete this process by 8th Jan 2021.
  • Finally, one lucky applicant will receive the Scholarship and start on their new career path.


  • You must meet the Eligibility criteria.
  • The value of the Scholarship is $10,000, representing the course fees. There is no cash payment due to the Scholarship recipient in any circumstances.
  • The Scholarship does not cover the cost of software, consumables, stationery, accommodation, or other costs (personal or professional) that may be necessary to undertake the Program.
  • The Scholarship is personal to you based on your abilities. It is non-transferable to another person or educational establishment.
  • We accept no responsibility for late, delayed or corrupted submissions.
  • The decision of the Tech Girls Foundation is final and there is no appeals process.
  • We are under no obligations to award a scholarship if we do not meet any eligible applicants.
  • Before starting the Program you must agree to our standard terms of business which will be provided to you upon successful award of the scholarship.
  • You agree to take part in promotional activities and consent to us using your image/words/work to actively market the Program.
  • We accept no liability for any personal tax implications that might arise from the Scholarship and the recipient should take tax advice.
  • The Scholarship will be forfeited if:
    • We or Tech Girls Foundation receive any information that suggests you are unable to provide the commitment required to complete the Program;
    • You do not attend 5 days of the Program; or
    • You breach any terms of this Scholarship