How to learn to code: Online VS Coding Course

With so many paths promising to lead you to tech nirvana, it can be hard to establish which is the right one for you. We compare the two most popular options for aspiring coders.

Written by Nology Team - 17.01.20

Online courses, youtube tutorials, coding bootcamps and software development courses - what’s the best way to learn how to code?

So you’re committed – you’re going to learn to code. You’ve done some reading, research; perhaps you’ve received guidance and advice. Then, a couple of Google searches later and, frankly, your already feeling overwhelmed by the burgeoning number of options available to you. They’re practically multiplying in front of your eyes.

Having spent plenty of her time helping people navigate this maze of options in order to determine their suitability for the _nology courses, our Admissions Manager Jenna has honest advice to guide you in deciding which type of course or training is the right option for you.

Determine your outcomes

The first step is to establish what you’re looking to get out of your training. If you’re still at the stage where you want to learn to code, but your going to learn alongside retaining a full-time job: online courses are a budget-friendly and flexible way to get your programming journey underway. If a job in technology is your end goal: intensive, immersive courses like the _nology 12 week software development course are the quickest and most efficient way to get there.

Determine the barriers

Once you’ve settled on your end goal, it’s time to start weighing up the options available to get you there. As you might have already realised, there are thousands of courses out there, online and in-person. This is no easy task. Sometimes, it’s best to determine the barriers preventing you from learning to code. Where are you based? Are you able to move to the location of a training facility? How important is the learning environment? Are you the kind of person who benefits from feedback and encouragement from others? Where will you seek your first job in technology?

And- what is your budget? Coding courses are typically more expensive, but you’ll receive mentorship, a clear path to graduation and demonstrable training and experience to land a job.

Why should you should learn to code online?

Flexibility and budget-friendly course costs are generally the two reasons learning to code online might be the best route for you. Location and time commitments are no longer too much of a barrier to learning, as long as you have access to a computer or laptop. What’s more, online courses are available in all kinds of payment plans. Some work on subscriptions, others offer their curriculum on a pay-by-module basis.

When it comes to online courses: your level of knowledge and personal approach to learning are important things to consider when choosing the right course for you. There is a vast selection online, with millions of students offering their recommendations and reviews of their curriculums to aid other learners. Because of the volume of students, these courses are improving all the time too. Many offer the benefits of online communities and mentors, so you can communicate with other learners, ask questions and get the support you need. Job placement programs are also available.

Why should you learn to code on a coding course?

Structured and supported learning and near guaranteed outcomes, such as attaining a certain number of programming languages or a job at the end of the course, are what makes intensive training courses so popular. From interviewing prospective students, it is impossible to ignore the benefits of full-time learning in a productive environment if your end goal is to get a job. Learning programming is all about writing working code, which requires a lot of trial and error to master each concept. Discussing your problems and codes with your fellow students and mentors is the best way to develop as a successful coder, not to mention the experience you’ll gain working in a team. Software developers rarely work alone, so learning to work as part of a team is an essential skill should you wish to pursue a thriving career in technology.

The best courses offer practical project-based experience and an enjoyable learning environment. Many offer a job guarantee, professional mentors and an alumni community. You will pay more, but with payment plans and loans available: if you can spare the time commitment, you’ll see a return on your investment through your new job in less time than you think.

Online VS Coding Course


Coding Course

If a coding course feels like the right choice for you, _nology’s 12-week Web Developer course is a practical programme with a job guarantee. Learn more about the course outcomes, or read about the experiences of our students to hear what they thought of the course.


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