Getting Hired

At _nology, we don’t just teach you how to code. We are in the business of launching tech careers.

Our Recruitment Partner

_nology was founded under a global leader in tech and innovation recruitment: Opus Recruitment Solutions. Opus RS is the fastest-growing tech recruitment consultancy in the world and consistently place top tech talent for some of the world's most innovative, high growth companies. Following your 12 weeks of immersive training with _nology, you’ll be matched with some of Opus RS’ experienced team of 200+ recruiters, who will open the doors to multiple job opportunities to kickstart your new career.

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Becoming Job Ready

Becoming a job-ready developer is so much more than just learning how to code, which is why our course will also equip you with a host of professional skills that will maximise your chance of getting hired. We know that applying for your first job as a developer seems daunting right now, so we’ll be on-hand to support you every step of the way.

On-going Career Support

Supporting Your Job Search

The _nology course exists to create “job-ready” software developers. In addition to our technical Coaching Team, we also have a dedicated Careers Team, who will provide you with professional advice and feedback throughout the course.

Professional Skills Training

Professional skills, such as presenting, teamwork and Agile working are fundamental to a career in software development. You’ll spend a full week working on all the things that make you a rounded professional.

Networking Opportunities

It’s much easier to get your foot in the door if you’ve already made professional connections. Throughout the course, we will facilitate multiple networking opportunities to help to get your name and work out to as many potential employers as possible.

1-1 Career Coaching

When you’re starting out in a new field, it can be difficult to know exactly which path to venture down. You’ll receive personalised career coaching to help you steer your career in the direction that’s best for you. 

CV Prep

Your CV is usually the first thing a potential employer will see and first impressions count. We’ll offer some help while you update (or even create) your CV to make sure yours stands out.

Mock Interviews

It’s important that you walk into a real interview feeling prepared, which is why we will put you through your paces in a motivational interview and a technical interview and provide constructive personalised feedback.

Practice Tech Tests

Tech tests are a standard part of the recruitment process for technical roles. Over the years, we have collected a number of real-life tech tests for you to practice with, so that you are ready for whatever comes your way.

Candidate Representation

Our dedicated recruiters at Opus RS will represent you as a candidate by putting your CV forward for roles, scheduling interviews and negotiating T&Cs of job offers. They will take on all the hassle of the job search so you can focus on refining your portfolio and interview skills.

Where _nologists Work Now

The _nology Course will prepare you for a career in software development and the majority of our trainees go on to secure a “Junior Developer” role or similar upon completing the course.

To give you an idea of the scale and scope of the companies that we are connected to through Opus RS, here are some examples of organisations that have hired _nologists straight from the course.

Your Earning Potential

Starting salaries for Junior Developers vary depending on location and are on average between $50 -60K.

Become a Developer