Case Study

Hiring for potential, not just capability

Brighte is a Sydney-based company committed to making sustainability accessible by helping consumers finance solar. They’ve secured $100 million in Series C funding and were listed as Australia’s sixth-fastest growing tech company, so they needed support to continue that pace and scale while fulfilling their ongoing commitments to diversity and inclusion.

Adelina Ekechukwu

Senior Talent Acquisition Partner, Brighte

“At Brighte, we’ve been partnering with the awesome _nology to bring young, new engineering talent into our business, and we couldn’t be happier with the results so far. We are planning to bring in a lot more people from the program – we have complete faith in the quality of their training and we’ve seen the strong standard of their candidates. We’ve been so impressed with everyone we’ve met.”



Brighte were struggling with diversity in their teams and existing hiring methods weren’t attracting a wide range of applicants. They needed _nology’s expertise on an alternative sourcing method that could help them increase team diversity and hire for potential, not just capability.


_nology’s Open Consultancy program runs constantly, which means we’re able to deploy job-ready talent into teams quickly. We recruit based on potential and assume no previous technical knowledge – meaning our talent pool is diverse in terms of gender and full of individuals from a vast range of backgrounds and professional experiences that align with varied company cultures.

We provided Brighte with a shortlist of our recently trained consultants which they could choose from based on their diversity goals and culture fit. They could make these decisions knowing all candidates were trained in full-stack development and had the commercial soft skills to add value from day one. We supported Brighte throughout the hiring process which they ran within their own best practice policies for recruiting early talent.


Giving Brighte access to an immediately available candidate pool enabled them to instantly hire an exceptional _nologist and deliver on their diversity goal. The placement has had a huge impact on the culture of the team in terms of perspective, energy, and enthusiasm.

Speed was a major factor for Brighte and another aspect of how _nology can support organisational objectives. The team was rapidly growing, and it took just two weeks to onboard a _nologist which was crucial for Brighte whilst they proceed to scale at pace.

Brighte continues to honour their commitments to diversity, and we’re proud to have partnered with a business that’s aligned with our values and a dedication to futureproofing workforces.

Vaishali Parkash

Junior Software Engineer, Brighte

“_nology gave me the formal training I needed to bring my skills up to a level that would enable me to use them as a profession. _nology opened up my whole future and led me to the wonderful world of Brighte…we work with a lot of emerging technologies, so even though the studying can feel a little daunting I know I am being taught and mentored for future success. Brighte has a lot of applications and architecture which is a great learning experience for me.”


Whether you’re looking to hire 1 Developer or a whole project team of Engineers, or are interested in a completely bespoke solution to support your 2024 tech talent plans, the _nology team are here to help.