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Looking for tech talent and quickly? Our Technology Consultancy Programme attracts and trains individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds, and turns them into brilliant Developers who are great employees, too! Inject your tech team with contract hires from our thriving consultancy programme.

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The new way to hire


Our unique and rigorous assessment process allows us to identify diverse talent whilst maintaining high standards of quality.


Training is delivered by our expert team of coaches over a full-time 6- to 12-week period. All content has been written by _nology based on the feedback our clients provide about what skills they need.


Embedding new talent into teams is an important process. _nology supports consultants in partnership with the client, providing ongoing learning and HR needs, saving time for managers whilst ensuring the success of the consultant.


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Why hire with _nology?

You will have access to motivated individuals who are selected from thousands of applicants to attend our intensive software development course. A _nologist isn’t just a coder: you’ll get an experienced Junior Developer with the professional portfolio and commercial intuition to prove it. Whether you're looking to hire 2 or 20 developers, _nology can help.

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500+ hours

500 + hours experience of building and testing software

JavaScript Frameworks

The most relevant languages and frameworks, now

Backend Services

Competent in firebase to provide backend functionality.

Soft Skills

Trained in communication, presentation and professionalism.

Commercial intuition

Developed through real projects and UX design.

Best Practice

Consolidated knowledge in agile, test-driven development and clean code.


Highly motivated team players seeking continuous improvement.


Junior Developers ready to slip seamlessly into your workforce.

The benefits of partnering with us

Practical training
_nology delivers tech training programmes that are built on a positive and highly interactive learning environment anchored in best practice. We’re in business to create tech talent capable of hitting the ground running and adding value to your organisation from day one.
Expect savings on typical contractor day rates, as well as internal recruitment and marketing costs.
You’ll enjoy access to a strong talent pool that represents greater diversity.
Reduced risk
There’s no long-term commitment if your resource plans change, so you’re in control.
Fast and flexible
Scale the number of consultants working for you up and down to meet your project needs. We always have consultants available and can deploy them almost immediately so that your projects aren’t held up.
If required, we can guarantee the same consultants from project to project, with the ability to convert these consultants to permanent hires.
Umbrella protection
Consultants are _nology employees, so there are no tricky IR35 implications for you – we take care of everything.
Ongoing support
_nology supports consultants’ ongoing learning and HR needs, reducing the reliance on managers and saving time.

Trainee Portfolios

Below is a small selection to showcase the impressive projects that _nology trainees complete within just 12 weeks of learning with _nology. You can view more examples of previous trainees’ work here.

Our graduate developers learn multiple programming languages, tools, and frameworks, including:

  • Web design with HTML5/ CSS3/ SCSS
  • Interactivity with JavaScript (ES6)/ React/ Angular
  • Source control and branching strategies
  • Data persistence and authorisation with Firebase
  • Writing code in a clean, readable way
  • Authentication and authorisation
  • Integrating with HTTP services
  • Object Orientated Programming
  • Software Engineers (Java, C#, bespoke)
  • DevOps and Cloud Engineers (AWS/ Azure/ GCP)
  • Software Developers (React/ Angular Developers/ Web Developers)
  • Testing (Software QA, SDET)
  • Business Analysts/ Project Support
  • Data Analysts and Engineers

Andy Cameron

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Annika Chauhan

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James Nowecki

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client case study - Deutsche Bank

A positive impact investment

With a company-wide corporate transformation set in motion, Deutsche Bank sought to position technology at the heart of their future activities. Pulling in our expertise across the board, _nology set out to create a diverse team of talent and put technology at the centre of Deutsche Bank’s transformation.

We developed a three-stage programme which focused on the attraction and selection of new external and internal talent, before implementing a 16-week full-stack software development training course designed to create the bank’s ideal developer.

Where our students work now


What our clients think

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Maya Keeley

Junior Software Developer

“I love how _nology focuses on many aspects of the developer; the logic, creativity and even the professional skills. It's not just about being able to code!”

Clara Fitzgerald

Junior Software Developer

“Although I was torn between _nology and a Masters, after just 4 weeks I’m sure I made the right decision.”

Kat Kolomycew

Junior Web Developer

“There have been only a few times where I could say that I felt like I was exactly where I was supposed to be in a given moment of my life, and this is one of them. The challenge is on, the people are awesome, and the atmosphere is fun.”