Employer Events

At _nology, our ultimate aim is to diversify and grow the tech talent pool. Join us at our next event, and meet our vibrant community of students, alumni, companies and industry professionals.


Why a _nologist?

Our full-time 12-week software conversion course teaches fundamental front to back end web development skills in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, with an eye towards commercial understanding and broader soft skills such as interpersonal effectiveness, communication and management. We assess students from hundreds of applicants to select the small cohort of _nologists we train and support into employment. Our _Employer Afternoon is your chance to meet them and hire industry-ready Developers.

5 reasons to hire from _nology

1. We don’t teach theory, we teach reality. Every student works on real projects with real clients.

2. Our highly selective assessment process secures applicants who are passionate, hard-working and trainable. What’s more, our people are not just great developers, they’re great employees with widely applicable skills, too.

3. We favour rewarding relationships over transactional recruitment to match people to your business aims, culture and tech needs. Be it upskilling or bespoke courses to support the longer-term aim of retention, we are here to support you.

4. Our approach and belief in a diverse workforce will enable you to meet people from all backgrounds, whether it’s STEM students or career changers with a wealth of experience in other industries.

5. Stemming from our excellence in recruitment, our focus on accessibility, diversity and better integration promises a brighter future for your tech teams.

Who we work with

What can I expect from the Employer Afternoon?

Our _Employer Afternoon offers a holistic approach to tech talent recruitment. Fix your own skills gap and hire from a unique and diverse talent pool of candidates. At the event, you will meet and converse with the _nologists showcasing the projects they’ve worked on for the past 3 months. A relaxed format over the afternoon provides plenty of opportunities for one-on-one conversations with candidates to discuss their training, experience and achievements.