Case Studies

We work with some brilliant businesses. From start-ups to global organisations, here are the clients who have trusted us to transform the role of technology in their organisations:

Deutsche Bank

The positive impact investment

With a company-wide corporate transformation set in motion, Deutsche Bank sought to position technology at the heart of their future activities. Attracting and training both external and internal candidates, _nology created a bespoke training course to drive this desired digital sea change.

Optimum Credit

Building for the future

Despite being a young company looking to grow at pace and scale, making new junior hires proved problematic for the Optimum Credit team. We invited them to our Employer Day to meet our newly graduated _nologists, so they could review suitable candidates ahead of arranging interviews. Junior Developer talent – hired!


Community first

Revitalising their tech team with new graduates, Nationwide needed to arm them with practical experience and technical knowledge. However, time pressures meant there was little time to dedicate to training. The _nology team delivered a course designed to not only develop tech skills but supercharge a collaborative team culture, too.