Retrain your Team

Stay one step ahead and make technology work for you, by retraining your team with _nology. We design courses to train or upskill existing employees so you can keep your most valuable talent relevant, and focus on future objectives without the burden of costly hiring campaigns.

keep your best people

Stay one step ahead

A change of direction can demand expensive hiring campaigns, restructuring in other areas, and ultimately put great people at risk of becoming irrelevant. By upskilling your current workforce, not only will you make significant savings, but you’ll also enjoy a positive effect on staff morale, external PR, and ongoing staff retention. Win-win.

Your tech transformation

Either send your staff on one of our 6- or 12-week programmes, or let us build you a bespoke, branded retraining course for your employees. Stay one step ahead and make technology work for you by retraining your team with _nology.

Selection - We'll assess the suitability of your employees for the course.

Development Plan - Full breakdown and progression plan to get the most out of your new tech team.

Off-Site Training - An intensive, full-time tech conversion course.

Talent on demand - Hire as many or as few contract Junior Developers as you need

A typical programme can include:

  • Technical skills gap assessment
  • Internal marketing campaigns that allow your staff to apply to the reskilling programme, and assessment and selection of current staff to ensure programme suitability
  • Senior hiring to fill any gaps that can’t be achieved with retraining
  • A bespoke training programme based on your tech stack and market
  • Aftercare to support adjustment to a new role and ensure retention
  • Full-time training is 6-12 weeks long and can be delivered remotely or on-site. All content is created, owned, and delivered by _nology

Available areas to be trained in are:

  • Software Engineering (Java, PHP, Node.js, C#/ .NET etc)
  • Front-End Developers (UX/ UI Designers, UX Developers, React/ Angular Developers, Web Developers)
  • Testing (Software Testers, SDETs, Test Analysts/ Engineers)
  • Site Reliability Engineering and Infrastructure (GCP, AWS, Azure Developers, DevOps)
  • Data Engineering (Data Analysts, SQL Engineers, Database Admins)
  • BA/ Project Support (PMO, Product Owners, Scrum Masters)

Case Study - Accenture


As the world’s largest tech consultancy, Accenture constantly need to fulfil the needs of their clients, and resource complex projects. We created a full talent pipeline for them, and a diverse one at that. Our bespoke model enabled rapid team expansion, with individuals fully trained in the exact tech stack that Accenture required.

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